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Anonymous whispered: omg, hi! i just want to thank you again!!!!! i told him that i really like him and he said he likes me too! but first he wants me to enjoy my life because this year i will turn 18! how sweeet! long story short we are now working on a relationship step for step! all because of you <3. thank you so muchhh! lots of loveeeeeeeeeee! <3.

This made my day! Let me know how it works out xx

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"One day you’re going to see her holding hands with someone who took your chance. She won’t even notice you because she’s too busy laughing with the stupid jokes he makes. And it will burn your heart seeing that beautiful smile on her face and realizing that you’re not the reason anymore. And then it will finally hit you: it was her, it was always her." - (e.v.d.a)

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Anonymous whispered: I think my boyfriend is starting so see all the flaws I see in myself. I really don't want to be here anymore like damn. Sorry for bothering you

Stop thinking that you’re bothering me because you aren’t!

The thing is, you’re insecure about yourself. You hate yourself. But that’s how YOU see yourself. And not how people see you. But what’s happening with your boyfriend is the fact that he’s seeing that you hate yourself. He’s seeing that you’re insecure about yourself and guys don’t like that. Guys want girls who are confident with themselves. They want someone who’s emotionally stable because they can’t handle otherwise. They’re young and they’re still dealing with their own problems which makes it a lot more difficult to deal with someone else their problems too.

How do you fix this? Talk about it. Tell him that you’re being distant lately because your insecurity is affecting your relationship. Tell him you’ll work on it. But don’t you dare to say that he doesn’t think you’re beautiful. Don’t put the blame on him, éver (in this case). Because i’m a 100% sure that he loves you and that he thinks you’re amazing. Only the thought in your head that says ontherwise, is ruining your realtionship.

You’ll get through this!

Love xxx

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Anonymous whispered: Do you love me? Please love me, I love you

I love every follower :) xx

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Anonymous whispered: i love your tumblr omg! you are so amazing! I really want to read your book btw! and thanks for the advice i don't think i could tell him now, but i will tell him when i'm ready!. YOU ARE GREAT!!! your advice just gives me the strength to take a step. Thank you so much! i hope i can do something for you too in the future! lots of love <333

Thank you so much! This means a lot to me. Love you xx

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"I will miss you forever." - 5 word poem {e.v.d.a.}

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Anonymous whispered: thank you! here is my story.. so i met this boy and we are flirting but the thing i think he´s leading me on.. idk what to do. he´s playing games and i started to play too. i know it´s stupid but i didn´t want to be played! i wanted to be smarter! so we went on a date and we kissed and everything was so perfect so i fell in love and now i´m in love with a boy who´s leading me on and i don't know what to do anymore =(. i'm so sorry for wasting your time! but i really need advice..

First of all, you’re not wasting my time. I like to help and there are people who are reading this and going through the same thing as you. Second, I get you. I’ve been there before and a girl who says she hasn’t, is lying. Sometimes we want to impress the guy we like, and we do this by not being ourself. We act cool and we act like we don’t care and make clear that we have the same intentions as they have (which is wrong). We can’t help it. We like them and we want them to like us back. But this is not the way it should go. Do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t know the real you? Really? The first step was admitting that you’re falling for the guy (which you did) and the next step is telling him. Just be fair with him. This is hard, I know. But I wasted 2,5 years on a guy I tried to impress. And I regret not being clear about my feelings from the beginning. It’s possible that he’s not leading you on, maybe he likes you too. And if not; his loss. Move your ass and go find someone else. But you have to know where you’re standing with this guy xx

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Anonymous whispered: i really need advice about a boy can you help me?

Of course babe xx

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""How do you know when it’s over?" I asked. "It’s when you go back to the beginning and start repeating every single moment you shared. When you’re holding onto the memories, and not to the person anymore." Daisy answered. I agreed." - {e.v.d.a.}

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"When I can’t sleep, I think of how people would react on my death. I think about my funeral; who’d be there. And then I think about you. Wondering if you’d be there. Wondering if you’d cry. If you’d miss me. Those are the kinda things that keep me up all night." - {e.v.d.a.}

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